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Market Shifting

For a few consecutive months, we have seen that the buyers’ demand have been gradually increased more than home for sales in Norther VA. The result was lower inventories. If it remains the same, we should say goodby to the buyer market which has been for about a decade. What …

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The Wrong Reasons To Price Your Home

Some sellers believe it’s smart to price their homes high, but flipping the logic on them could help you see the fallacy of pricing a home for any reason other than what a qualified buyer in the current market will buy, based on current market comparable homes. Buyers want to …

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Avoid the 8 Staging Mistakes!

You may love your home, but that doesn’t mean that everyone coming through the door will feel the same way. What may be “charming” to the seller may seem off-putting to a prospective buyer. Many sellers attempt to stage their home themselves. In doing so, they make mistakes that can sidetrack …

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As Your Realtor®

Your most important decision when selling your home is the selection of the person you choose to represent you. My job is to support you in selling your home with the best possible terms, and to aid you through the entire process. I will explain the process of selling a …

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Should You Sell or Remodel Your Home?

Anything that gets as much use as your home shows wear and tear after a few years. Colors and decorative styles look tired and outdated, or you may need more room due to an addition in the family. So do you sell or remodel and stay? I can show you homes for …

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Five Must-do Improvements For Resale

Most buyers want a move-in ready home that’s clean, updated and functional and they’re willing to pay more to get what they want. Here are just a few improvements you can do that will go a long way with buyers. Update the finishes. If you’re going to improve a room, update everything, even the …

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