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As buyers you may find here most of tips, advices, and the process of dealing with a property

Market Shifting

For a few consecutive months, we have seen that the buyers’ demand have been gradually increased more than home for sales in Norther VA. The result was lower inventories. If it remains the same, we should say goodby to the buyer market which has been for about a decade. What …

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Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

There’s an episode of the TV series “How I Met Your Mother” where the characters decide to buy a home only to learn later that it sits downwind from a sewer plant. The message is obvious: A buyer must do his or her due diligence on prospective neighborhoods to avoid …

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Driving The Neighborhood

Whether you’re shopping for a home in a familiar location or a new neighborhood, remember that you’re buying more than a home. You’re also buying the neighborhood, so it helps to become familiar with your favorites, whether you drive them or walk them. Why is that important? It’s the neighborhood that …

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Dealing with the Down Payment

Ever dream of owning a home but don’t think you can because you lack the down payment and closing costs? Here are a few tips: Borrow from your retirement account: A 401(k) or traditional IRA may allow a first-time homebuyers to borrow up to $10,000 for their down payment without incurring …

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Five Tips To Buying In A Fast Market

If you’re a buyer in a hot housing market, you may have already lost out on several homes already. How can you get the upper hand? Here are five tips: Get preapproved by a lender: Sharing financial information your lender requests will get you preapproved. You’ll know the limits on how …

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The Combustible Adjustable Mortgage

You’ll pay a little more for a fixed rate mortgage for the peace of mind that your principle and interest payment will never increase but that’s not always the most appealing choice for some homebuyers.   The longer you intend to stay in your home,–generally five years or more–the safer you …

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Thinking About Co-ownership With a Friend?

Friends often share holidays, vacations and important moments in life. Why not buy a home together? Joint ownership makes sense, especially for those unable to afford a home on their own. Each can enjoy a real estate investment, and can even strengthen the friendship. The opposite could happen as well. …

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